History of the Clidata application

The list of main events which took place in connection with the Clidata application follows.

Date Event
May 2007 The Clidata aplication was shown at Meteohydex Exhibition of Meteorological and Hydrological Instruments and Equipment in Geneva in conjunction with the 15th World Meteorological Congress
November 2006 Breefing with Agrhymet country users took part in Ostrava
October 2006 The 4-day forum of clidata users proceeded in Ostrava in Atom Hotel. The participants from various countries took part in the forum. The posibilities of new Clidata was presented. The problems and sugestions were discused.
July 2006 Additional administrator and user training in Belgrade in Serbia
January 2006 CLIDATA installation has been completed in CILSS 7 countries which are: Burkina Faso, Cape Verde, Gambia, Guinea Bissau, Mali, Niger and Senegal. The next step will be Mauritania and Tchad to complete CILSS conutries and the other countries such as Guinea Conakry, Togo and Benin.
December 2005 Additional administrator and user training in Sarajevo in Bosnia and Hercegovina
November 2005 Additional administrator and user training in Santo Domingo in Dominican republic
Semptember 2005 Administrator training for colleagues from Bosnia and Hercegovina and Dominican republic in Ostrava
April 2005 Presentation of the Clidata application in Warsaw on Oracle Partner Network Days
February 2005 Presentation of the Clidata system for the colleagues from UK Meteorological Office
January 2005 Administrator training in Agrhymet Regional Center in Niamey in Niger for colleagues from Burkina Faso, Cape Verde, Chad, Gambia, Guinea-Bissau, Mali, Niger, Mauritania and Senegal
December 2004 Additional administrator and user training in Addis Abeba in Ethiopia
October 2004 Administrator training for colleagues from Ethiopia and Guinea in Ostrava
June 2004 Additional administrator training for Niger colleagues in Ostrava
May 2004 Administrator training and database installation in AGRHYMET in Niamey in Niger
March 2004 The agreement between CHMI and WMO concerning the cooperation in the installation of the Clidata application was concluded in Geneva.
February 2004 The Clidata application was presented at JRC Ispra (Joint Research Centre EU).
November 2003 Updating of the Clidata application version and re-installation of the database server in Skopje in Macedonia.
September 2003 The Clidata application was installed and presented in AGRHYMET organisation in Niamey in Niger.
June 2003 Administrator training in Barbados for Trinidad and Tobago, Dominican Republic and Barbados.
February 2003 Beginning of the development of the Internet iClidata application.
December 2002 User training for the Clidata application for Estonian hydrometeorological institute in Tallin.
November 2002 In cooperation with WMO the Clidata application was presented in Barbados as a part of the "Preparedness to Climate Variability and Global Change in Small Island Developing States, Caribbean Region (SIDS-CARIBBEAN)" project.
June 2002 Administrator training concerning the Clidata application for the colleagues from Estonia in Ostrava (Czech republic).
June 2002 Additional training for the colleagues from Latvia in Ostrava (Czech republic).
May 2002 Climate Data Management Systems Evaluation and Documentation Workshop (WMO, Geneva) – the testing of CLIDATA and 6 other applications.
March 2002 Replacement of the Prague database server (Oracle 9i).
June 2001 User training in Riga (Latvia).
May - June 2001 Installation of the on-line replication model between Prague and Ostrava.
May - June 2001 User training in Vilnius (Lithuania).
April 2001 Administrator training for Lithuania (Robert Boreiko) and Latvia (Valentina Protopopova) in Ostrava.
May 2001 Installation of the new version of Oracle server (8.1.7) to new SUN 220 server in Ostrava.
January 2001 International testing of CLIDATA in co-operation with WMO
November 2000 Replication of CLIDATA between Oracle server in Ostrava and oracle server in Prague.
November - December 2000 User training in Accra (Ghana).
August - September 2000 User training in Skopje (Macedonia).
May 2000 Administrator training for Ghana administrator (Andy Nkansah) and Macedonia (Boris Sekirarski).
January 2000 Starting the operational use of CLIDATA in CHMI, branch Ostrava.
January 2000 Decision on a co-operation with Ghana and Macedonia.
December 1999 Suggestion of a CLIDATA co-operation with Ghana, Cyprus, Niger, Algeria and Macedonia.
September 1999 Co-operation with "Air pollution" and "Hydrology" database department of our institute.
June 1999 Presentation at CLICOM/CLIPS workshop, ACMAD, Niamey, Niger.
June 1999 Start using of CLIDATA for operational purposes.
May 1999 Installation and verification of CLIDATA application (CHMI, Branch Ostrava).
February - April 1999 Purchase of ORACLE and GIS ArcView software.
November 1998 CCl Task Group Meeting focused on a Future WMO Climate Database Management System (Ostrava).
September 1998 Borrowing of Oracle, version 8 for OS Solaris from Oracle-CZ.
August 1998 Meeting of CHMI, ATACO and ORACLE-CZ.
June 1998 Presentation of a development stage at CLICOM meeting (Moscow).
May 1998 Borrowing of Oracle, version 7.3 for OS Solaris from Oracle-CZ.
October 1997 Presentation of a development for Czech climatologists (Radostovice).
July 1997 Adaptation of co-operating principles and a time schedule of further application development (Lysa hora meteorological station, Beskydy Mountains).
May 1997 Presentation of the first results in Toulouse.
January 1997 Starting of programming, testing with Personal Oracle, version 7.1.