Wind Rose Diagrams

The special module for the calculation of the wind roses has been created in the Clidata system. The module calculates the wind roses from wind direction and wind speed (two elements stored in the database). The module calculates two basic characteristics:

  • The number of occurrences of the wind speed for the certain wind direction
  • The average wind speed for each wind direction

It is possible to calculate 8, 16, 18 and 36 direction wind roses and it is possible to draw 4 special charts representing the wind roses.

The wind roses can be calculated for different combinations of stations and months, years, seasons and quarters. For example the wind rose for January 1990-2000 can be calculated.

The wind roses can be divided into several user defined wind speed intervals.

  Example of calculated wind rose.
  Parameters of the wind rose calculation page 1.
  Parameters of the wind rose calculation page 2.