Data Extraction Alternatives

The data stored in the Clidata database can be extracted by wide range of programs and tools. Some of the more popular tools are:

  • MS Excel – the data can be directly selected into the MS Excel worksheets. The user only needs to define the connection to the database (e.g. by ODBC driver or other). The user can select the data by means of direct SQL statements or take advantage of MS Query, in which the user can construct queries with visual tools.
  • Oracle Discoverer – the data mining tool provided by Oracle. This tool is used for creation of the data worksheets like in MS Excel. Oracle Discoverer eases finding the desired data. You can view the data quickly, without waiting for the computer to search the entire database. Views of the data are easily comprehended, accessible and user friendly. You can analyse the data using a wide range of methods especially data meeting the required conditions or falling within a certain specified interval. You can sort and compare the data as well as share it with other users, or export it to other applications.
  • SQL*Plus or other SQL interpreter – tools using the SQL language for extraction of data. The SQL*Plus program is the SQL interpreter provided by Oracle. This is a very powerful tool for extracting data in text formats. Other SQL interpret programs (e.g. Quest SQL Navigator) can be found on the Internet. Each of these programs has its specific advantages and disadvantages.
  • Other programs – because the data are within an Oracle database any program which can connect to the database can be used for data extraction. The developers of the Clidata system provide customers with comprehensive documentation of the database structure, so that users can work directly with the data tables if as required/preferred.
  Extraction of the data by Oracle Discoverer.
  Extraction of the data by MS Excel.
  Extraction of the some other application (Here Borland SQL Explorer).
  Extraction of the data by SQL*Plus program.