Climatological Stations

This well-arranged form is used for the definition of the climatological stations. The main features of this form have been adopted from the old Clicom system. The basic information has been extended and currently the users can maintain all the station documentation in one place. This definition of the station is the basis for data input checking. It is not possible to store the data for an undefined station.

As well as the basic geographic station information the system provides the following extended information:
  • Maps – the map pictures. Additional information can be added to the map.
  • Photos – complete digital photo documentation for each of the stations.
  • Heliographic horizon – the horizontal shape of the surrounding landscape, natural and artificial obstacles are recorded in this part of the station geography.
  • Extended station information – the additional information about pedology, anthropogenic influence, vegetation cover and relief.
  • Hydrological information – additional information related to hydrology
  • Observers – the list of current and ex-observers.
  • Station documentation – the various types of documentation, e.g. MS Word or Excel files.
  • Instruments – the list of all station instruments
  Definition of the station geography.
  Extended information to the station geography.
  Definition of the heliographic horizon.
   Hydrogeographic station information.
  Map pictures.
  Station photodocumentation.