Loading CLICOM Data

For the loading of data from the previous Clicom system a special program has been developed. At present, this program is the part of the Clidata application. The program automatically recognizes the content of the Clicom data file and thus it allows direct import of the Clicom data files.

To allow the loading of the Clicom data files the stations and their observation schemes must be predefined. The definition of the stations can be imported directly from the Clicom system. The codes of elements used in old Clicom system must be assigned to the abbreviations and the times used in Clidata system.

In Czech Republic, all the data from the Clicom system has been transferred to the Clidata system by means of this import program.

  Definition of the data conversion from the Clicom System.
  Program for the importation of the data from Clicom System.