The Phenodata system is primary intended for archiving of phenological data, for the data quality control and for administration of phenological stations and station observations.

Phenodata application was developed in cooperation with Czech Hydrometeorological institute. The system is designed for the Oracle database environment, which defines simple and secure access to stored data.

Phenodata system provides:
  • creating digital reports with support code list
  • data control
  • data sharing for statistical purpose
  • Internet browser access to the system, table PC, notebook, PDA Oracle Discoverer access for advanced user

Phenodata system in Czech Hydrometeorologica Institute provide easy, efficient, reliable:

  • Create observation stations base with geographical details and details dependent on the type of station
  • Editing of phenological station report, factual control
  • Information view based on personal requirement

The system is particularly user-friendly  during the definition of stations, station observations and manual key entry of the data. The system facilitates the population of data from automated (real-time) stations as well as the definition of personalised key entry forms.

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