How to get Clidata and Phenodata database products?

Clidata and Phenodata database software was developed by Ataco Ltd. in cooperation with Czech Hydrometeorological Institut. Czech Hydrometeorological Institute represents user view on database system. Ataco Ltd. represents developer part of the process, sale development etc. Please don't hesitate inform in both organizations. Chose organization according to what kind of information are you interested in.

You can't buy box with Clidata or Phenodata database products. This imaginary box doesn't exist. It is very difficult to determine concrete price of the software product. The price depends on many things listed below. The price is different project by project. This is main reason why we can write concrete price here. We will calculate final price based on concrete terms.

Please don't hesitate contact us.

The price depends more or less on this factors:

  • type of implementation process
  • knowledge of customers administrators
  • language skills

Usual way of implementation

1 Presentation
2 Licences
3 Services
4 Technical requirements

The software implementation consists of sales of licence and professional training. We have divided the training into several parts according to our experience from last projects.

The implementation consists of sales of licence and professional training. We have divided the training into several parts according to our experience from last projects. The first part of the training usually takes place in Czech Republic. The main goal is to give to attendants chance to learn how CLIDATA is built and show them how it is used in CHMI and other countries. The full CLIDATA capability and functionality is shown on the testing instance of database. Attendants will also meet the developers' team. They can discuss all climatological exceptions in their country during the presentation. The following training should take place in the customer´s country. The customers are expected to have already installed hardware and system software. The main goal is not only to provide customer with presentation but also to assist them with launching the application. The term of the training and detail description will be subject of further discussion. Please consider that the arrangement of the training could be changed up according to the international situation, restrictions and visas procedures.

1 Presentation 

ATACO organises for clients a 2-day presentation about CLIDATA software. In general the presentation is held in the Czech Republic, in Prague (PRG) or in Ostrava (OSR).


  • Available for 1-5 participants
  • Presentation facility with appropriate equipment
  • Professional presenter
  • Language: English (Interpreted presentation is possible for extra fee)
  • The price does not include accommodation and boarding costs.  ATACO can assist with hotel arrangements.

Outline of presentation

  • Definition of climatological stations and observed elements
  • Definition of the station observation
  • Stored measured or calculated data
  • Daily data control system
  • Importation of the data
  • Calculation of the wind rose, X-day functions and the rainfall intensity
  • Data security and user rights
  • Software and hardware configuration

2 Licences

The standard licence is considered for using application CLIDATA for one institute on single server.

The standard licence includes:

  • The database system (server part)
  • The user interfaces


3 Services & Training

Professional services

To gain more from CLIDATA ATACO offers software modifications tailored to your needs:

Software modifications during implementation:

If the requirements are specified during the training
and the modifications are finished
together with standard implementation there is no extra charge.

Software modifications after implementation:

Prices of additional SW services will be quoted by ATACO representative.

Administrator training in the Czech Republic:

The training of administrators is held in Ostrava (OSR), Czech Republic. It takes 1 week and is set for 1-2 attendants. The training is in English.

The main topics of the training are:

  • Installation of CLIDATA server as well as client parts
  • CLIDATA Setup
  • Using CLIDATA
  • Utilizing GIS (ArcGIS)
  • Basics of SQL language
  • CLIDATA backup
  • Data import

Administrator training in the client’s country: 

Basic training

  • 2 weeks
  • Installation of system software if necessary
  • Guided installation of CLIDATA on the server
  • Demonstration course
  • Assistance with local configuration and set up


Additional training GIS (ArcGIS)

  • 1 week
  • The introduction to CLIDATA GIS
  • CLIDATA GIS installation and configuration
  • Utilisation ArcGIS for data quality control in CLIDATA
  • The introduction to interpolation's method and spatial analysis
  • Spatial Analysis in CLIDATA GIS

4 Technical requirements

The next configurations are provided to specify minimum HW and SW requirements. Please consider that up to your volume of data stored in the database, number of data quality calculations and users may cause additional need of HW sources.

The technical requirements are dependant on the Operating System and Oracle Database Server on the server and on the Operating system, Oracle Client and GIS (Arcview) on the workstations.

Server part

The server part can be installed on any Microsoft Windows or UNIX operating system (including LINUX) that is supported by Oracle.

The typical configuration of MS Windows server:

Hardware Software
At least:
  • 16 GB of operational memory
  • 1 TB Hard disc space
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2003
  • Oracle database Enterprise or Standard Edition 12g 
  • Oracle Application Development Framework
Client part

The typical configuration of the client:

Hardware Software
At least:
  • 8 GB of operational memory
  • 300 GB Hard disc space
  • Microsoft Windows XP
  • For GIS:
  • Arc GIS 10.X