How to buy Clidata

CLIDATA Implementation

The software implementation consists of:

·       1 Licenses

·       2 Services

·       3 Third-party licenses (ORACLE)


The customers are expected to have installed hardware and system software before starting the project. The main goal is not only to provide the customer with the SW but also to assist with the commissioning of the application.


1 Licenses

One CLIDATA license is considered for using SW CLIDATA for one institute on one server. The main CLIDATA license includes

·       Server part,

·       Clients part (Thick Java Client)

·       Web application CliWeb

·       CLIDATA GIS – optional


 2 Services


We have divided services into several parts according to our experiences from last projects


·       Installation and setup

·       Basic training

·       GIS training  optional

·       CLIDATA remote support – optional

·       Presentation – optional


All trainings and services are held in English. Please consider that the arrangement of the training could be changed up according to the international situation, restrictions and visas procedures.




Installation and setup

(1 week on site)


  • Clidata server part installation
  • Clidata client’s part installation and configuration
  • Installation of Clidata Web application
  • System setup


CLIDATA basic training

(2 weeks on site)



  • Introduction to CLIDATA application
  • System administration of CLIDATA application (definition of units, districts, regions, elements, observation schedules and intervals global parameters
  • Station’s geography, station’s elements, import of geography from CLICOM
  • Extended metadata, photo, maps, horizon
  • System administration of CLIDATA application (definition of key entry forms, meteorological phenomena, messages, quality control and calculation formulas)
  • DBM data import (especial program), message SYNOP import, text files import definition
  • Import of data from Automatic Weather Station in an excel format
  • Jobs administration (run, stop, monitoring)
  • Key entry of meteorological phenomena
  • Work with products: MDATA, EDATA, NDATA)
  • Work with products: (wind roses, X day function, intensity rainfall)
  • Introduction to SQL and its possibilities
  • Data extraction
  • Definition of imports
  • Users’ definition, rights, passwords, remote access



CLIDATA training focused on GIS – optional

(1 week on site)



  • What’s GIS-General introduction to GIS
  • Getting started ArcView
  • Describe ArcView User Graphic Interface (GUI)
  • Description of main functions
  • Working with layers (add, modify, label..)
  • Working with Legend Editor(colours, symbols, classifications)
  • Laying out and printing maps
  • Getting the attributes of features
  • Working with the features you find (derive statistics, print or export attributes)
  • Create layers from data outside ArcView (dbf file, ODBC)
  • Quality Control in CLIDATA using GIS
  • Interpolations methods in CLIDATA GIS



CLIDATA remote support (one year)


CLIDATA Support includes remote troubleshooting and solving problems caused by CLIDATA software errors without any extra fee and solving max. 10 service calls related to CLIDATA utilization without any extra fee.

Counted service calls don’t include requests related to development projects.

Service calls do not include services related with installation of upgrade, fixes and patches. Such services, if needed, will be agreed separately and are subject to additional cost.



Presentation – optional


We organise for clients a 2-day presentation about CLIDATA software. In general the presentation is held in Ostrava (OSR), the Czech Republic


  • Available for 1-5 participants
  • Presentation facility with appropriate equipment
  • Professional presenter
  • Language: English (Interpreted presentation is possible for extra fee)

Outline of presentation

  • Definition of climatological stations and observed elements
  • Definition of the station observation
  • Stored measured or calculated data
  • Daily data control system
  • Importation of the data
  • Calculation of the wind rose, X-day functions and the rainfall intensity
  • Data security and user rights
  • Software and hardware configuration




3 Third-party licenses




CLIDATA system uses ORACLE Database because its reliability, excellent performance and high security level. ORACLE Licenses needed:

·       ORACLE Database Server,

·       Oracle Application Development Framework






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